Process Service

At Battle Attorney Service Inc. we specialize in fast process service. We hand pick our process servers for optimal results, so you can focus on more important issues.

Our services

Attorney Support

At Battle Attorney Service Inc we are more than a Process Service. We provide Court services

for our Attorneys and other clients such as Court Filing, Document Retrieval and Court Research. We also provide Stake Out Service.

Process Service

We are here to battle for you. We process serve 7 days a week. We cover San Diego, Chula Vista, Riverside, Border of Mexico and More!


We hand deliver your documents to file at the Court House. We can return same day filings to your office.


Court Research

Our staff can accommodate any research you would like. Document retrieval from any Court house in San Diego or Nationwide.

Skip Tracing

Our office specializes in Skip Tracing. With minimum information, we will locate the person your looking for any where in the United States.

Stake Out

Stake Out is for those hard individuals that hard to service. We make it easy.

Attorney Support

For what ever your office needs are, we are here to support you. And remember we are an extension of your office.


Battle Attorney Services works with the best of the best so we can give you the best service possible. We hand pick our staff and stay up to date with the latest regulations and laws when it comes to court related service.


At Battle Attorney Services, we do more that Service of Process. Our services include Process Service, Court Filing, Court Research, Skip Tracing, Stake Out, Attorney Support. And much more!


Our offices are located in San Diego. We are easy to access whether in person, computer and/or the telephone. We are here to accommodate. Please contact us today for a free estimate of services.


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